The anticipated State of the Union speech was last night and lasted some sixty-eight minutes. It opened with President Biden talking about Donald Trump, but not by name, referring only to  “my predecessor.” It closed with a Donald Trump comment in a talk which included thirteen references to Trump as “my predecessor.” Biden taunted and made fun of the Republican lawmakers as well as the Supreme Court, with several Justices seated in front him. It has been described as one of the most raucous State of the Union in years.

Sitting behind him, in camera view, was vice president Kamala Harris and Speaker of the House Mike Johnson. Johnson was clearly uncomfortable and has been described as “sinking further and further down into his high-backed seat behind Biden” as he spoke. Biden went off script to lambaste the Republicans who were heckling him with interruptions. Of course, the biggest offender was Georgia Representative Majorie Taylor Greene. The only Republican in direct violation of  Official House Rules by wearing campaign insignia in House. She had on a bright red coast and MAGA Trump hat. She has made a scene at every one of Biden’s State of the Union addresses and tried to talk to him as Biden entered the House chamber. Biden didn’t take the bait, and Rep. Gwen Moore (D-WI) could be seen trying to box Greene out from getting too close to Biden. Taylor has demonstrated repeatedly her chief interest is not representing her constituents, but in s calling attention to herself. She conducts herself like a small child yelling “Look at me. Look at me.” She is an embarrassment to serve as a United States House of Representatives.

Among the many topics Biden covered was his age: ““When you get to be my age, certain things become clearer than ever,” Biden said in his speech, to some laughs. He went on: “The issue facing our nation isn’t how old we are, it’s how old our ideas are,” adding later we “can’t lead with ancient ideas.”

Overall, the talk has been described as a “pep talk for US global leadership—a reminder that freedom and democracy are American values and that the mantle of global leadership remains ours if we are bold enough to seize it.”

Alabama Senator Katie Britt is the youngest Republican to ever be elected to the Senate was selected by the Republicans to respond to the address. The result was universally  criticized  with widespread backlash. Many described it as “overly dramatic.” She attacked the president for the economy and border policies while making fun of his age. However, at times she seemed on the verge of tears, while other times she whispered emphatically while painting a picture of Americans struggling under Biden’s presidency.

Donald Trump reacted with: “That may be the Angriest, Least Compassionate, and Worst State of the Union Speech ever made. It was an Embarrassment to our Country This was an angry, polarizing, and hate-filled speech” he claimed.

The overall reaction was his sympathizers praising his forceful delivery while his critics complained about his overly agitated and rancorous delivery. My view is that the speech was too long with some stumbling, some coughing and stumbling. But he showed energy and the ability to deliver a forceful speech. His supporters wanted him to be a fighter and he delivered. He came out “punching and swinging” from the start. It was as good as Joe Biden gets in my view.

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