Global Warming and Justices on The U.S. Supreme Court

Global Warming and Justices on The U.S. Supreme Court

The National Law Journal reports (12/4/06) that the U.S. Supreme Court heard arguments in Massachusetts v. Environmental Protection Agency, a case involving global warming. The EPA declined to act under the Clean Air Act, claiming it had no authority to regulate carbon dioxide emissions. Not only did it duck its responsibility, it said that even if had the authority to act, it wouldn’t do so because of the "uncertainty" about global warming claims. The state of Massachusetts sued to require enforIce_capcement by the EPA. The paper reports that during argument Justice Scalia sarcastically asked "when is the predicted cataclysm?" Justice Roberts talked about global warming concerns "spinning conjecture on conjecture." While the Justices act like ostriches regarding global warming, on December 29th an ice field the size of 11,000 football fields broke loose. The ice shelf was one of six major shelves packed with ice that is more then 3,000 years old.

One scientist at Laval University in Canada explored the situation and is quoted as saying: "This is a dramatic and disturbing event…We are crossing climate thresholds and these may signal the onset of accelerated change ahead."

Sixteen months ago, the Ayles Ice Shelf, about the size of Manhattan also broke off from Ellesmere Island which is about 500 miles South of the North Pole. 

Scientists report that the speed with which climate change has impacted the ice shelves surprises them. They point out that ice shelves in Northern Canada have decreased by 90% since 1906 and that global warming is the reason. However, it appears that men in black robes, who have no scientific training whatsoever, are self appointed experts on the subject. It is no surprise that Justice Scalia ignores all the scientific data and makes fun of the problem. That is consistent with his ultra conservative bias which results in his just ignoring any facts that dispute his position and which he frequently exhibits by sarcastic rudeness to lawyers and his fellow justices. Global warming is a real and present danger to all of the planet’s inhabitants. However, it is disturbing to see Bush appointees to the nation’s highest court with power to act out their bias which is the reason Mr. Bush made the appointment in the first place. For previous posts about this see 11/15/06, 12/5/06 & 12/19/06

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