Republican Hypocrisy

Republican Hypocrisy

I hesitate to add to the Senator Larry Craig story any more attention then the media frenzy now occurring, but Nina Burleigh’s blog entry about Ohio and the last election caught my attention. In writing about Republican hypocrisy and gays she reported something I didn’t know:

"The Republican Party got Bush re-elected in 2004 by playing the homophobe card. In Ohio, their minions went door-to-door in Amish country and warned the historically non-secular inhabitants that if they didn’t get out and register Republican, gay marriage would be the law of the land. Tens of thousands of Amish men and women hitched horses to buggies, cracked their whips, and raced to the nearest polling place to vote to repel the Sodomites. With their unprecedented help, Ohio, that crucial state, slid ever so narrowly into the red column, sending the Bush regime back to the White House with four more years to plot how to bomb Tehran."A

Any lie to get elected. Everything is OK when you have no moral compass to follow. The only problem is that truth has a way of coming around when you least expect it and the rebound effect of hypocrisy is painful.

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