MERRY CHRISTMAS Yes, I did mean "Christmas" and not happy "Holidays" or whatever is being substituted as the current politically correct neutral word in place of Christmas. That’s my gripe for today. I understand constitutional Manger prohibitions against state imposed religions. I agree that a manager scene located on government property could be seen as inappropriate by some. But, I don’t understand all the tip toeing around by people like the Port of Seattle and other government agencies with their wringing of their hands over displays of Christmas trees or how to describe Christmas. I’d like to remind these government wimps who have banned Christmas trees that a huge Christmas tree (referred to as a Christmas tree) has been displayed on the South lawn of the White House every year since 1923 so why do they think their airport or other ugly federal property is more significant than the white house? If the president of the United States says it’s OK and lights a Christmas tree at the white house every year who do they think they are banning trees?

I don’t understand a federal judge agreeing to uphold a ban on singing Ave Marie at a high school function or ordering the removal of Poinsettia flowers at a federal courthouse because of complaints they represented Christmas and therefore a religion. The way I see it December 25th has been designated a national holiday since 1870 and specifically to commemorate the birth of Jesus Christ. It should be observed for exactly that reason as part of our national heritage. As a national holiday it was one designated specifically in honor of the birth of Jesus Christ so we ought to call it by it’s real name: "Christmas" not "holiday" or "season" or some other silly substitute.

After all, Martin Luther King Day is a national holiday recognizing the birth of Mr. King. We don’t call it "famous person day" because there are those who are opposed to the day being celebrated. There is a point at which obsessive efforts to avoid offending anyone by abandoning a century of American tradition becomes ridiculous. There is a need for leaders to be leaders and say "enough is enough." The problem with leaders today is no one wants to lead. They just want to be loved and re-elected. I say: Merry Christmas!

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