The sun is out. The weather very warm and the view from the Hotel Caruso spectacular. Today is Saturday May 24th. We arrived by way of Seattle to London, short lay over and on to Rome.After a night at La Posta Vecchica on from Rome by car for a three plus hour drive to this hotel. The route across the mountains Ravelll made Amalfi drive easy. Like Whatcom County's Chucknut a straight road. High up into the mountains along a windy road. The hotel has undergone a multi million dollar renovation and is very nice. Our room has a large patio looking out towards the ocean far below. Yesterday, there were two weddings at the square. Lots of people dressed well. Some men in tux tails. We found the nearby Sosso Hotel had been booked for three days by one wedding party. I would like to meet t he person who could afford that feat.

Another lesson for me to learn on our way here. In Seattle at the British Air desk a woman I will call Heidi was not very friendly and was indifferent about her job. After marking two of our luggage and sending them down the ramp Lita said to her "You have booked these all the way to Rome?" She said she had not (even though our tickets went with BA to Rome) Lita was very nice, I was not happy. I complained to Lita afterwords about the woman. Then in checking at the departure gate about our luggage we were told that this woman is dying of cancer, but continues to work each day. So, once again I have been caught being judgmental, the very thing I hate in others!  I continue to learn at yrs.

Today we strolled the plaza and checked the shops. At noon we ate at our favorite small restaurant where we have eaten many times in past visits. The owner, Antonette, has been there for a very long time and is very outgoing. She fixed us a wonderful lunch and with some inexpensive table wine we enjoyed ourselves.

Another wedding tonight at the church. This is a popular place for marriage ceremonies. We are enjoying our stay here enough that we are not very motivated to take side trips. We are also just getting over jet lag.

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