Senator Joe Liberman, who bills himself as an "independent democrat" has written an Op Ed in the May 21st Wall Street Journal titled "Democrats and our enemies." He tries to justify the fact that he is a traitor to the democratic party and explain his support for the Republican John McCain.The fact he is willing to write in the this publication for capitalist's attacking Barack Obama while supporting Senator McCain confirms once again that he is not "Independent Democratic" at all. He is a Republican to his core and a right wing conservative one to boot. He has been a long time supporter of  the Bush administration disastorous policies in Iraq, voted against the democratics in congress  and been a friend to the Republican party.

Yet, because he wants to be elected, he doesn't have the character to tell his democratic voters nor the public who he really is. He is tolerated by the demoncratics in order for them to claim a majority in Congress, to the shame of the democratic party, but he is a fire hydrant at a dog convention among democrats. Like the great emperor of OZ pulling levers to create a false impression of the little man hiding behind the curtain. His lack of character is made clear by the fact he was totally willing to run with and support the policies of  a liberal Al Gore when it meant a chance for him to advance his political career, but now shows his real colors by supporting a candidate whose political views are 180 degrees different than Gore. That, my friends, is called hypocrisy.


  1. Joe Liberman is a very good reason not to vote for John McCain, if one were otherwise so inclined. Liberman appears to have McCain’s ear and he is as scary as Cheney.

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