Sunday  was the first really hot day we have had in Costa Rica. There was little breeze and it was in the high 80's here. We spent a good part of the day of the day cooling off in the pool and reading in the shade. The office staff arrived last night and were out in full force that morning. They spent time in the pool and made trips to the small town of Taramindo near here. We had our welcome dinner the same night and Lita did a great job arranging it. There was a welcome banner with the office name on it, food and music. Waiters walked around with food and drink plus there was an open bar. There were resort people to create a small flower arrangement for the staff's rooms from a large  selection of flowers they could pick from.Dinner was a wonderful buffet with many selections of food. During the dinner there was more music and then a group of dancers did a splendid job of dancing in colorful costumes. Everyone had a great time.

The next day we went to Tamarindo located less the half an hour from where the resort is located. Ronald, a young man drove us, and spoke excellent English. On the way he explained that in 1948 Costa Rica dismissed the military and used the money for education, health and other government projects. Education through four years of college is free, including books, room and tuition he said. School is compulsory and he said the literacy rate is over ninety percent.

Tamarindo is located right on the ocean with a large flat beach. It is a huge surfing destination and most of the shops are surf related. There are about 2,000 full time residents and one main road through town that dead ends at the end of town. There is a large hotel here and prices are reasonable. It was hot, but there was a cool breeze. After walking the shop area we sat in the shade and had a beer at a beach café. A parade of beach vendors were all selling the same things, wooden alligators, bowls and other small wood items. There are also some selling Cuban cigars in very striking boxes. At least they said they were Cuban. It is a lovely little town worth seeing.

The weather has turned hot and we went to the pool to cool off. There were less people and I assume many had gone on the various tours the resort offers. Some of our partners, who are here, went on a river tour and others on a cable ride through the jungle suspended sixty feet or more in then air going from tree platform to tree platform in chair harnesses.

Last night we had our partnership dinner which was wonderful. The meals are included so then only thing we paid for was the wine. We were treated well as we have been here and people enjoyed themselves.

This morning we are packing for home.The staff stays on for a few more days as do our partners. It's always depressing when you are enjoying the travel and a challenge to deal with the mysterious fact you have more things to pack then what you brought even when you haven’t bought much. So, from Costa Rica a final Pura Vida.

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