Do you remember the 1969 Woody Allen classic movie Take the Money and Run? Allen plays such a total loser that he even fails at trying to rob a bank because his handwriting is so bad on the hold up note the Allen bank teller can’t read it. They argue about what the note says and Allen finally just gives up. That scene from the movie came to mind while reading the Spokesman Review newspaper in Spokane the other day. Lita and I were there for the annual Gonzaga Luvera lecture series we sponsor where Georgia lawyer Bobby Lee Cook spoke.

Here’s what the paper reported:

Teller Helps Thwart bank Robbery

Police said a bank robbery attempt in Hillsboro failed after a teller told the woman who handed her a threatening note that she couldn’t read the handwriting. According to police, a 30 year old woman walked into a Wells Fargo Bank branch Wednesday and handed a teller a note that said "Need $300 or I’ll kill you. I’m serious." The teller told the woman she couldn’t read the writing. While the woman stepped away to rewrite her note, the teller hit a silent alarm and the bank manager intervened asking the woman how he could help her. Police and FBI agents soon arrived and arrested the woman. Police said she was under the influence of drugs.

Now I ask you: Isn’t that even more hilarious then the movie? This woman stepped away to rewrite her note so it was legible for goodness sakes! Even Allen couldn’t come up with a funnier scene then that.

As a lawyer, news about injuries inflicted on trial lawyers by their clients always is of interest. The same paper reported that in Yakima a man was on trial, charged with first degree murder for killing a man he thought was having an affair with his girlfriend a defendant in a criminal trial. The defendant got into an argument with his defense lawyer about the strategy for calling defense witnesses and it became so heated the defendant head butted the lawyer. He was bleeding so badly that he had to go to the hospital for stitches. As the paper noted "the trial had to be interrupted.." I’d say so and I’d think that put a dent in his chances of acquittal.

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