I've previously written about Allison Fisher, know among pool professionals as "the duchess of doom" for an exertaordinary playing ability (October 2006) Now there is "the black widow," Jeanette Lee. She won a gold medal in American pocket billiards in the 2001 World Games in Japan and since thjen has won
Lee titles and awards in some thirty national and international contests.

Born in Brooklyn in 1971, Lee is half Korean standing 5'8" tall with beauty that has caused her to be named one of the sexiest female in sports.

When she was a child she had a number of surgeries to correct a scoliosis of the spine with metal rods inserted to straighten her back. She overcame all of the pain and disability to become a champion pool player. She is called "the black widow" for her agressive style of play along with her long hair and black dress she wears at tournaments. She has said:

"I think women should be very proud to be woemn and celebrate their feminity, and that’s something I do. I am very proud to be a woman. I want to be feminine and still be able to be great and hold myself with class and dignity."

Would you and a group of friends like to spend some time playing pool and talking to her? Well, the rate starts at $15,000 if you do.

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