My grandmother on dad's side of the family, Phyllis Filippa Luvera died in Anacortes, Washington on December 20, 1946.  By coincidence, that is also the day my wife's mother died. Nonna Luvera was born in Italy May 26, 1870 and spoke little English. Since dad believed the children should speak English we never learned Italian and could only communicated with her through dad.

She was typical Italian grandmother, an excellent cook and who was always feeding us something. She  had Italian candy she offered us when ever we visited. Nonno and Nonna lived in small house on Commercial Avenue in Anacortes, but they had a large garden and rabbits in pens for eating. Nonno was a slightly built, short, gentle  man with an huge Cropped nonna mustache. She was an heavy set woman and together they made an interesting contrast. She wore her hair up and I rememer her as always wearing an apron.

Nonna was what we could call a hypochondriac. She had ailments of all kinds and a medicine closet full of pills. Dr. Noble, our long time family doctor treated her, but she just liked having various ailments. 

Because I didn't speak Italian we didn't do a lot of talking. I do remember the visits with the family to their home and I have clear picture of the home and garden. Her cooking I also remember.

This is a picture of Phyllis Flippa Luvera with her apron on and wearing a hat. This is the way I remember her. Next to Nonna is my sister Phyllis, named after her, my sister Anita, me and my Nonno Nicola. Now isn't that an Italian looking family? 

This is in memory of this good woman gone these many years.

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