One benefit of being confined to home with this leg locked straight the way it is,  is being  forced to take the time to enjoy the beautiful weather and being outside just enjoying  the day. Sitting outside this morning,  the sun was out and the temperature pleasant. The dogs were taking a nap.

 A young bald eagle flew by, close to the house, making the unusual sound they do. It was pursued by two screeching sea  gulls. Usually it’s the crows that harass the eagles around here. They flew  on past me.

The water is flat calm today and there is a lot of boat traffic in Colvos Pass.  A couple of the ultrafast speed boats raced by making the irritatingly loud noise they make.  But, quiet sailboats also sail past. They aren’t leaning way over as they were yesterday, because there is  really not much of a wind, but when they change direction their sails make a loud racket as they refill with wind and move on.  A purse seine boat, with its skiff pulled up on the stern heads North.  I assuming they are on their  way to the San Juans.  Fishing here must be good because there are dozens of small boats off the point of Vashon salmon fishing. It makes me want to be able to take our boat  out on a day like this, but that’s not going to happen for awhile. Small outboards and larger yachts going in both directions. It is an I-5 of boats today.

The boats make waves as they go through and It is almost like a concert to hear the waves hit the shore with differing size and sound.

The top of Mount Rainer is visible over the top of Vashon. It’s lovely to see and Vashon is green with other colors. Sound carries  over the water and you can hear people  talking and dogs barking all the way from Vashon.

The  huge flower pots on the porch I am on are full of flowers. Simple flowers.  Nothing exotic, but very colorful. Purple and white with other colors spilling  out and filling the corners of the porch with wonderful color.

The dogs hear the squirrel who lives off the end of the porch in a tree area.  As one, they are up and running full speed to catch him. The problem is that he is on the outside of the railing they can’t get  through and in a tree. I believe he enjoys teasing them with all the noise he makes when they show up.

I am thankful for this day and for being alive.

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