A short note about people who died this month and who had a connection to me or my wife.

Toni Hrvatin died October 7, 2005. I've published about her before for her role in my wife's family. https://paulluverajournalonline.com/weblog/2010/12/elizabeth-catherine-barnett-1910-1985.html Antonia Theresa Hrvatin (Toni) at the age of three arrived in America from Yugoslavia in the early 1920's with her non-English speaking mother. When they arrived in Tacoma her father met them at the station and took them to their home in Alder. Later they moved to Eatonville where Toni went to school and after her graduation from Eatonville High School she came to work at The Gateway Inn as a dishwasher. Lita's mother decided to hire her to be a full time nanny for the children. She stayed with the family long enough to participate in raising all four children and became a part of the family.

Pat Malloy died on October 8, 2010. He was a childhood friend who lived a block away from me growing up. Matt Brown, who lived up the street, Pat and I were friends until Pat moved away. He died in Thiland where he was living.

Edward Breckenridge died on October 10, 1990. He was an outstanding athelete at Anacortes High School when I was growing up. He was ahead of me in school and I looked up to him. He took the time to help me with my attempts at atheletics and became a friend. After the military service he obtained a teaching degree and taught at Burlington Edison. A good a decent man, Ed was someone I admired and liked.

I've written about Walter (Jack) Deierlein Jr before who died October 22, 2010 https://paulluverajournalonline.com/weblog/2010/10/judge-walter-deierlein-jr-.html He gave me my first job as a lawyer when he was Prosecuting Attorey in Skagit Counnty and taught me lessons of honesty, ethics and hard work. He played an imporant role in my life and in my development as a lawyer.

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