I wasn't going to comment on politics because it is such a waste of time, however I don’t know about you but I am totally fed up with the Republican candidate’s political efforts and their debates as well as a worthless Congress locked in a total stalemate while people suffer economic pain.

Who cares about the army of Republican want-to-be-presidents as they continue to debate while the public knows they will say anything to get elected…well with the exception of Ron Paul. Until the Republicans reduce the Politicanthrong of contenders to one candidate it’s all a meaningless waste of time. We knew early on who each of these people were and what they stood for. Since then it has been a scramble to say what will keep them in the race. None of it helps the American people and their economic woes one iota.

In the meantime, Congress twiddles its fingers doing absolutely nothing. This group of millionaires could care less about the lack of jobs and the need for jobs because they are obsessed with only one thing: defeat President Obama. The Republicans have demonstrated they are totally willing to let the people suffer while they block critical appointments, refuse compromise and keep meaningful legislature locked up.

Less than three years after voters heeded Barack Obama's message of "change" and 18 months after Republicans took control of the House amid voter concern about government spending and the economy, Americans express profound disappointment with their political leaders.

As Obama and Republicans continue to debate how to handle the debt and future deficits, the GOP is taking the hardest hit with a job approval rating of 28% in a new USA TODAY/Gallup Poll. Obama's approval rating: 45%.

The president shouldn't est easy. Americans overwhelmingly are appalled with what they see in
Washington. Half of those polled say Obama and Congress are doing a worse job han their predecessors at managing the nation's problems. Congress members from Obama's own Democratic Party have a 33% approval rating. A new USA TODAY/Gallup poll finds a majority think the election process isn't working and the candidates aren't proposing good ideas. Fewer than half say there's a candidate in the race who would make a good president. President Barack Obama is in a statistical dead-heat with Republican challengers Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich.

Worse, Congress, Wall Street and big business could care less about the outrage expressed by the American people over the economy and jobs. These millionaire's are confident they can do what they want and get away with it.

So, as to the Republican horde of candidates I would rather not hear or read any more useless verbal political, mud throwing, chest beating and claims of having solutions until the field is reduced to one candidate. As to Congress, I suggest every incumbent is at risk of losing their next election as long as jobs and the economy remain in the sorry condition they now are. I would hope every Republican and every Tea Party obstructionist who has been looking over the top of the heads of the suffering American people and are instead focused on the next Presidential election will be thrown out of office. I would hope every Blue Dog Democrat & every “do nothing” Democrat who are equally responsible are tossed out along with their Republican friends. Until we clean out the filibustering, blockading and uncaring members of Congress we are in for more of the same in the future.

One thought on “I’M FED UP WITH POLITICS

  1. Paul,
    Thanks for a rational discourse on an irrational subject. I cannot understand how any thinking person can’t see through the BS spouted by Dems and Republicans, alike. All the posturing and rhetoric are totally meaningless, especially given the current economic situation, and their utter lack of action. It’s easy to see that they’re not interested in solving the problems this nation faces, but are only interested in furthering their respective political agendas.

    When the Republicans sole aim is to get Obama out of office, it speaks volumes about their concern for the nation. The Democrats are similarly weak in their dealings, as well. I will keep on voting against the lot of them.

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