I have written about vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan and Republican hypocrisy before The debate between the vice presidential candidates the other  night only confirmed my negative viewpoint of Congressman
Romney ryabRyan. What strikes me is the reluctance of Gov. Romney and Congressman Ryan to acknowledge the truth about the Republican agenda, particularly the budget plan of Mr. Ryan. They distance themselves from the truth in that regard  and instead are claiming a moderate, cooperative, plan if elected. The truth is that Ryan's budget plan is so draconian that even the conservative US Catholic bishops as well as various orders of nuns have criticized it as being  non-Christian by its denial of health care to those in need and it's damage to the support of those in need. Among many extreme positions, the Republican platform calls for a total ban on abortion as well as platforms opposing  same-sex marriage. Ryan's budget would cut Medicare and Romney's proposal regarding taxes does favor the rich over the rest of society. These are truths that now make them both uncomfortable now  the election is close so they simply claim a  whole new position while pretending it is not a new one. An example of the hypocrisy was Ryan’s condemnation of the stimulus package as a  waste of money and not helpful only to be exposed as having applied for funding on the basis that it would assist people in his state. There are too many examples of both Republican candidates deliberately denying their previous positions and pretending as if the Republican platform doesn't exist. It is paticularly disturbing to have them claim a cooperative attitude  with Democrats and  blaming the president for not doing more when Republican Congress had a deliberate program of non coopration to frustrate the programs proposed to help the crisis.

The Republican party exhibits a fundamental lack of compassion for the disabled,the poor, immigrants those in need. The Tea Party, the conservative religious  and the Republicans proclaim Christian values and adopt policies which are totally contrary to the teachings of the founder of Christianity and Judea Christian teachings. President Harry S Truman said it well when he said:" Republicans favor minimum wage – the smaller the minimum the better. They endorsed educational opportunity for all – but they won't spend money for teachers or for schools. They think modern medical care and hospitals are good – but only for people who can afford them. And they admire the government of the United States so much that they would like to buy it."

While the office of the vice presidency has never been regarded with much admiration there is always  the potential for the vice president to become president. Roosevelt and Nixon come to mind. Further, let's remember the powerful role Dick Cheney had in directing the exercise of presidential powers under George Bush. Furthermore, Congressman Ryan's proposed budget has been promoted by his fellow Republicans and represents the Republican lack of compassion generally. 

The history of the office has had some significant events. In  Aaron Burrs final year as our third vice president, he shot Alexander Hamilton to death, in a duel while Hamilton was his political rival. Woodrow Wilson's vice president, Thomas Marshall, was totally ignored after Wilson suffered a stroke and was a recluse that written president. It was Wilson's wife who took over and ignoring the vice president would, out of the residential bedroom and announce what was supposedly the president's decision on matters. It's generally believed that she did so on her own and while Wilson was unable to function rationally. Wilson's vice president once wrote about his job that:" once there were two brothers. One railway to the sea. The other was elected vice president and nothing was ever heard of you who wrote them again." FDR’s first vice president, John Nance Garner, said that the job
of vice president was not worth" a warm bucket" of urine. Look at the vice presidential candidates: Joe Lieberman ended up the political vagabond. John Edwards disappeared in a scandal. While Sarah Palin became famous it also made her a laughingstock for Saturday Night Live. Let's not forget Dan Quayle
and is attempt at spelling potato. Someone has written that the job of vice president is “a curse masquerading as a compliment." There is also Spiro Agnew and Thomas Eagleton who suffered from the curse.

The fact is that while the two Republican candidates do their best to conceal the actual platform of their party this election is significant because of the dramatic difference between them and the platform of the Democratic candidates. In addition, the potential for the new president to appoint members to the U.S. Supreme court could shape the history of this country for  years  to come. This is a critical year to vote.


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