I was sent an interesting clip from the internet about a man named Hayim Solomon and the role he played in the Revolutionary war by supporting with his own money the Continental Army. It said that as a result George  Washington agreed to put on the one dollar bill the stars in the shape of the Star of David. I  looked this up on Snopes.com. This is a reliable source of what is accurate on the internet. Here's what it reports about  this.

Great sealHayim Solomon was a real person. He was a Polish-born Jew who immigrated to the American colonies in the 1770's. He supported the American independence movement and contributed funding for the colonial  war effort. However, Snopes reports that it is apocryphal that Washington had the stars added as a result. Washington, it turns out, had  no input into the design of the great seal. Plus, the original design specification had no instructions about how the constellation of stars should be arranged. The reason for the design is unknown. The best guess is that it was to emulate the arrangement of stars on the first American flag. The Bureau of Engraving and printing says there is no intentional Jewish symbolism on the dollar bill.

For an accurate report about the historical symbolism of the Great Seal of the United States Snopes recommends greatseal.com.

I'm in our fourth or five week of the jury trial (I lose track of time) so I have  limited time  for this blog right now. Thanks for reading it.

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