I had published about my deceased father in law, Hollis Barnett who had many wonderful qualities including a large volume of memorized poems. One of them my wife Lita recalled was "Sugar  Tooth Dick." I tried to find the words and never could locate it until someone sent me the poem and I published it at   See the poem I was sent below.

Now Julie has emailed about the poem. She says: "My Dad remembered part of it that his uncle Dick kept reciting. I never met Uncle Dick. His sister, my Grandma came to BC in1957. She was a great one for making me memorize things."  Here's  what she sent me:

Sugar tooth dick for dainties was sick

so he slyly stole into the kitchen
he snatched up a cup and darted out quick unnoticed by mother or Gretchen
said he there's no cake for tomorrow they'll bake but this custard looks fine and delicious
How they'll scold at the cats, the mice and the rats but of me they won' be suspicious
they might have filled up such a mean little cup For the want of a spoon I must drink it
it's easy to pour, hark, who's at the door and the custard went down ere you'd think it With a howl
he sprang up to the floor dashed the cup as he howled muttered spluttered and blustered such a horrible din brought the whole house hold in
from he'd swallowed a cup full of mustard
Between the two of us I think we have it all..


Sugar Tooth Dick for dainties was sick, 
So he slyly stole into the kitchen, 
Snatched a cup from the pantry, 
And darted out quick, 
Unnoticed by mother or Gretchen. 

Whispered he, "There s no cake, 
For to-morrow they bake, 
But this custard looks rich and delicious ; 

How they ll scold at the rats, 
Or the mice, or the cats ; 
For of me I don t think they re suspicious, 

"They might have filled up 
Such a mean little cup ! 
And for want of a spoon I must drink it: 

But tis easy to pour 
Hark! who s at the door?" 
And the custard went down ere you d thinlr it. 

With a shriek he sprang up; 
To the floor dashed the cup; 
Then he howled, tumbled, sputtered, and blustered, 

Till the terrible din 
Brought the whole household in 
He had swallowed a cupful of mustard.


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