Thursday September 22nd. We have sailed from Barcelona to Valencia to a stop at an island in Spain and on our way to San Remos Italy. Weather sunny and warm with calm seas. Jet lag does cause a problem at 3 am but restful anyway. It's unavoidable not to compare past Seabourn cruises we have taken with this cruise line and this one on the Sojourn. Overall, I gather since it's take over by Carnival, they have economized in a variety of negative ways. Food choices, general cruise activity and entertainment are not the same in a way that is noticeable. After many cruises on this line, this may  be our last one. In general, it is still substantially superior to other huge cruise ships. The serving staff is still very friendly and helpful, the ship is very convenient size and cruising is a pleasure for having to unpack only once. 

In Valencia we found a taxi with a friendly driver who drove us around to see the city. Wonderful structures and interesting things to see. We went to the central market which was large and very interesting. It was an enjoyable tour and reasonable in cost. At our island stop I rode the tender to shore with Lita and walked the harbor, but the main part of town was up long stairs. I decided to go back to the ship while Lita toured. 

We listened to a lecture from a California university professor on immigration in Europe which was interesting and watched a slight of hand magician in a show. He was absolutely amazing with his dexterity  of card manipulation. Otherwise, we have been very relaxed and enjoyed doing very little. Today we are at sea until tomorrow morning when we arrive.  The route is strange because from Italy we go back to the French coast, but it makes little difference since we are enjoying doing as little as possible. 



  1. Thank you for remembering Dr. Voegtlin in this way. He was our family doctor most of my life and I have never found another like him. I could tell you stories of how he would kindly share bits of life wisdom with me after my appointments as a teenager. His amazing depth in caring for people was healing in itself. My mother (Karen Meyer) still believes he and God miraculously healed her broken finger.

    He was wonderful. Thank you for recognizing and remembering one of my heroes – Dr. Voegtlin.

    Oh, and your entire website is wonderful reading. Thanks for making such an interesting site.

    Michelle Hecker (Meyer)

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